Mom Totally Embarrasses Her Son During Traffic Jam By Dancing To Backstreet Boys In The Road

One of the funniest parts of the aging process is learning that the music you believed to be cool as a child is simply not going to cut it for today’s kids. We all remember the famous Vine clip of the father playing Ja Rule for his children, who were less than enthused. Now, there are a number of mothers who are getting in on the act and embarrassing their kids in the process.

One day, the children from today will be embarrassing their children by pretending that Drake or J Cole has never gone out of style. In the meantime, this Colorado mother is taking the cake, though. When she and her son were recently caught in a traffic jam, she decided to crank up the jams. That’s because she’s not like all those other moms!

She’s a cool mom! Wendy Chupp Gossett spent over four hours caught in traffic and she was not about to let her circumstances get to her. She was clearly stir crazy and we appreciate her willingness to share her impromptu performance with the rest of the world. We are willing to guess that her son was a little bit less than pleased and we understand where he is coming from.

Being humiliated by parents is a rite of passage. As for Wendy, she says that she was going for a La La Land type of thing. Those who have seen the movie and remember the traffic jam that took place can relate to this clip. She wanted to get out of her car and dance on top of it. This is an impulse that is not hard to relate to, in all honesty.

Who among us has not been stuck in traffic and wanted to get out and dance? Her fellow drivers may not have been willing to participate but we sure are! The song she chose? Backstreet Boys, of course. While her son may have preferred something like “Mo Bamba” or “Sicko Mode”, there is nothing with putting a little Backstreet in your life.

Nick Carter even saw the clip and gave it his seal of approval. His quote tweet definitely had us roaring with laughter. He told Wendy to get back into her car but on the bright side, he did approve of her song choice. Anyone who has ever been humiliated by singing and dancing family members is going to relate to this one a little too much!

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