Man Walking In The Woods Hears A Cry For Help Coming From Manhole

This story unfolded in the Kansas City woods, where a Good Samaritan came across an animal that was in desperate need of their help. The little dog had somehow managed to fall down a manhole and no one knew for sure how long the animal had been there. All anyone knows for sure is that the dog was not willing to give up hope. This is a story of resilience.

When the man who would end up saving the dog’s life finally came along to let her know that all was not lost, it was truly the sort of moment you only read about. We’ve all heard of being in the right place at the right time but this is absolutely incredible timing. The understandably terrified dog was nervous at first but it did not take long for the animal to be brought to safety.

Can you believe that this puppy was able to make it through this awful ordeal without injury? The dog survived a 10-foot fall and was no worse for the wear. She was taken to an animal shelter to get the help that she needed. Her rescuers are now in the process of spreading the word about her recovery so that her rightful owners are able to find her.

Stories like these show the perils of human carelessness. No animal should ever be subjected to the issues that take place when uncovered manholes are left unattended. All it took was one moment of thoughtlessness to leave this dog in serious danger. Let’s all do our part to make sure that stories like these are no longer commonplace occurrences.

We hope that authorities in this area have taken the time to address the issue so that no more animals are forced to repeat the same experience that this one went through. If she had continued to go unnoticed, who knows what would have happened to her? We shudder to think. Thankfully, this selfless man came along and saved the day.

If you would like to assist this puppy during her recovery process, please be sure to offer a helpful donation to the good folks at KC Pet Rescue. Every little bit helps! We would also like you to take a moment to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones as well. They are sure to appreciate this awesome rescue.

Posted by KC Pet Project on Monday, January 28, 2019

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