Puppy Escapes From Home, Then Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

Dogs are so much more intelligent than they are ever given credit for. When our animals escape from home, they cause us a great deal of panic. However, there are some pets who are smart enough to make their way home. While it can be scary when they leave, we are always relieved when they return. The puppy in this story definitely falls into that category.

We cannot stop laughing at the animal’s return home. He is one smart pup who is never going to get lost for too long. He knows his way back. Marshall resides with his loved ones in the great state of Washington. This Spokane family loves their pup very much. One day, he decided that he wanted to get into a little bit of mischief. He took off and his family did not know where he was.

Of course, they were very concerned. Who wouldn’t be at a time like this? He wanted to experience life without a leash and he took off for the hills. This is understandable enough. Eventually, Marshall realized that he needed to head back home. After all, what fun is being off the leash if you do not have anyone to share these sorts of adventures with?

There was also no one there to feed him. He headed back to the house and was ready to go inside. Unfortunately, his humans did not know that he was waiting for them. He would need to find a new way to get their attention. It was time for Plan B. The best part about what happened next is that there was no training involved. Luckily for us, there is home security footage that captured the moment. We cannot stop laughing.

The dog was able to realize that the doorbell was his best friend in this scenario. While the family had never taught him to use the doorbell, he was still able to figure it out with ease. What a smart pup! The knocking is just too cute. It is as if he realizes that he made a mistake. He knows that he screwed up but that face is simply too adorable for anyone to be mad at.

What do you think of this hysterical clip? Are you laughing as hard as we are? If so, please be sure to share this video with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to enjoy this dog’s antics!

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