Puppy Escapes From Home, Rings Doorbell To Get Back Inside

Dogs have a way of escaping from our homes and it does not matter how hard we try to keep them indoors. They have a certain level of curiosity that cannot be contained. In many instances, a dog will leave a home for reasons that only make sense to them. They trust that they will always be able to get back to where they came from. That’s why they spend so much time exploring.

When the mischievous dogs vanish on us, they do not always take the time to leave a note first. This can make their human owners very sad. No one deserves to go through the difficulties of having to track down a lost pet. Marshall the dog recently went through just such an ordeal and it led to one of the most heartwarming moments that you have ever seen.

Anyone who has ever had a pet wander off and come back can definitely relate to this one. Pets have a way of returning whenever they feel like it, don’t they? Who do these pets think that they are? They leave us worried sick and keep us from being able to sleep through the night, only to come sauntering back in like nothing happened at all.

This describes Marshall to a T. The Spokane dog managed to get out of his house but when he was ready to come back, he did in the classiest way possible. He was not going to howl or scratch at the door like any other dog would in this scenario. Marshall had another plan entirely. The home security system that the family had set up captured the moment.

Instead of yelping for attention, Marshall waltzed right up to the door like any other person would. He wanted to get back into the house so he decided that he was going to ring the doorbell. This obviously made perfect sense to him but the people who reside in this home had to be startled. We cannot say that we blame them, to be perfectly honest.

This moment needs to be seen by as wide of an audience as possible. Please be sure to share Marshall’s awesome return with your friends and loved ones. They are definitely going to appreciate this moment….especially if they are pet owners themselves. This is a very good boy, quite possibly the best boy of all!

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