Firefighter Gives Emotional Goodbye To His ‘Best Friend’ And Therapy Dalmatian Dog

We are all fortunate to make awesome friends during the course of our lives. For some of us, these friends come on two legs. For others, they come on four. The man in this story recently befriended a training dog and the bond that they developed just might leave you in tears. Aaron Sakill is a firefighter and his life changed forever when he met Ember the dog.

She is a Dalmatian with a very important job to do. Ember is one of the most honorable dogs that you are ever going to read about. Aaron was in the process of looking for a dog to call his own when a friend asked him about a puppy that he had. Once he met Ember, the two became fast friends and it was love at first sight. He knew that he would love this puppy forever.

As a firefighter, the idea of finding a Dalmatian puppy may have seemed a bit far fetched initially. It’s a little too perfect, isn’t it? The three month old puppy had been abandoned and her new owner was more than happy to bring her home. When Aaron first met Ember, he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy that she possessed.

That is why he spent as much time with her as possible. The two enjoyed a number of physical activities and became fast friends as a result. Aaron decided that he would start bringing Ember to the the children’s hospital to see if she could have the same positive effects on the little ones who needed her most. They would soon become a top notch dog therapy team.

The duo studied hard and took all of the tests that they would need to pass in order to become certified. They spent two years spreading cheer to little ones and were great at making everyone’s lives better. Ember even caught the eyes of the nurses at the children’s hospital. They would introduce Aaron to the woman who would eventually become his wife.

Ember eventually became sick, though. After five years of helping others, her kidneys began to fail. Aaron knew that it was time for the dog to rest. He could tell that she was very tired. He gave her permission to go to sleep. After all, she had done so much in her life and asked for so little. We hope that she is resting peacefully. We would also like to send our deepest condolences to Aaron at this time.

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