Puppy Learns To ‘Hop’ Down Stairs Just Like Her 3-Legged Brother

Bowie was just two years old when he lost his leg due to some fairly severe health complications. The poor pup had to relearn everything. His family was willing to help out, though. The simplest tasks were now incredibly challenging for him. The things that we take for granted had become major challenges. Even something as simple as going up and down the stairs required a herculean effort.

His little sister was well aware of the struggles that he was experiencing. In order to get up and down the stairs, he would have to prop himself up against the wall. From there, he would simply hop like a bunny. Little sis thought that this was pretty awesome. Zeppelin does not know the old Bowie. She has only seen him making his way around the house on three legs.

Little sister looks up to Bowie. Zeppelin views him as a role model and she wants to pay homage to him in any way possible. It is easy to see why she would take her cues from him. She learned everything that she knows from her older brother. Their mother says that they are always snuggling with each other. When they are not snuggling, they are playing together.

The connection that they share is a heartwarming one. We cannot get enough of them, to be honest. That’s what this story such an adorable one. As Zeppelin started to get older, she decided that she would take her hero worship of big brother Bowie to another level. Her parents eventually noticed that Zeppelin was emulating Bowie’s stair climbing method.

She was not looking to mock him. This is simply the way it has always been done, in her eyes. The family used to think nothing of it when she would hop up and down the streets as a baby. They figured that this was the easiest method for her. Now, they realize her true reasoning for doing so. If you are anything like us, you are swooning right now.

This is one of the cutest videos that we have ever seen and we urge you to share it with the dog lovers in your life as soon as possible. Her parents have done their best to show the dog that she does not have to live like this but she could not care less. Bowie’s way is best. If you would like to see more adventures from these two, give them a follow on Instagram!

You can follow both Bowie and Zeppelin on their Instagram accounts.

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