Lost Dog Found Living 60 Miles Away Can’t Believe His Family Finally Found Him

Leo is an adorable dog who ran away from home a few months ago. Of course, his family missed him terribly. They spent a great deal of time searching high and low for the pup but they could not locate him. Finally, the dog was found. Sertaç Araç is the son of the dog’s owner and he happened to be in a relatively nearby town for work purposes. He was 60 miles from home when he caught a glimpse of someone special.

It was none other than Leo! The dog was seen outside of a cafe. From the looks of it, he was exhausted from all the time he had spent roaming the streets. “I took a picture and sent it to my mother and father,” Arac said. He was not sure if it was the same dog that his parents lost but he wanted to make sure. As it turns out, Leo’s owners were ready to check it out for themselves.

They did not want to allow this opportunity to pass them by. Once the parents were able to meet up with Leo, all doubt was removed from the equation. They knew that this was their dog. Leo was beyond relieved to have the chance to head home with his mom and dad. Street living was not for him. The clip of their reunion is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen.

He is back in the loving arms of the people who care about him most and this is the sort of happy ending that we love to see. The worst part of all is that Leo likely did not even run away from home. From the looks of it, this family found themselves targeted by a local dog-napper. Their other two dogs mysteriously vanished around the same time as Leo.

Why would anyone behave in such a manner? These dogs simply want to spend time with their loved ones. They do not deserve to be treated as pawns in some sort of cruel and sick plan. Hopefully, they are able to find their other dogs before it is too late. We wish them all of the best going forward. This criminal needs to be brought to justice.

Please share this story to raise awareness about this all too common issue. Dog owners need to make sure that their pets are remaining protected at all times. All it takes is a momentary lapse in judgement to leave our animals vulnerable to the whims of the scofflaw.

Bu aile Leo'ya (Sokak köpeği) Zonguldak'ta bakıyor. Köpek bir gün kayboluyor. Aile, bayram için Bartın'a gidiyor. Bir kişi Leo'yu Bartın sokaklarında görmüş olabileceğini söylüyor. Sonrasını izliyorsunuz…

Posted by İŞSİZLER on Monday, June 10, 2019

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