911 Operator’s Quick Thinking Helps Protect Terrified Teen After Intruders Break Into Her Home

Doyin Oladipupo is a 15-year-old teenager who was home by herself when she heard intruders entering the home. She ran into her parent’s bedroom and straight into the closet to hide. Fortunately, she had her phone so she dialed 911.

The 911 operator who answered was Angie Rivera, a 12-year veteran police dispatcher. She realized right away how important it was to keep Doyin calm as the intruders were getting closer to her hiding place.

Angie could hear the thieves talking through the open phone line so she told the young girl not to talk. She said she should tap on the phone to indicate whether her answer was ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The police were dispatched immediately but Angie remained on the phone to keep the young girl calm. “When you’re talking to a child, the mother in me comes out,” said Angie.

The police arrived and Doyin was thankful that Angie stayed on the phone with her and kept her calm during a very frightening moment.

You can watch them share what happened in the following video:

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