Daddy Says It’s Time To Pray — Watch As Baby Girl Adorably Joins In

When you sit down for dinner with the family, there are likely to be some interesting things that occur. That is especially true when a baby is concerned and sometimes, they can be less than inspiring. As you are about to see in a new viral video, however, one girl has some rather interesting table manners.

The video clip may only be 15 seconds long but it has crossed the 1 million views mark on YouTube very quickly. An early Facebook clip had reportedly been watched over 38 million times!

A baby is saying prayer along with the family at the dinner table in the video.

Eloise Incorvaia is the name of the child and she is only 20 months old.

Her father says it’s time to pray and she reacts immediately.

Eloise reaches out her hands to hold her parents. She closes her eyes and listens to what her father is saying.

He thanks God for the food as well as for the beautiful girls in his family.

“Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this food, thank you so much for my beautiful girls, let this food bless our bodies and keep us safe.”

The little girl even says ‘amen’ at the end of the prayer and we can’t help but smile.

The video was actually first seen online in 2016. Liz and John Incorvaia, the parents, shared the video that took place when their family lived in Indiana.

They now live in Ohio and the clip has been uploaded online by the father.

The father says: “This kid … always closes her eyes when we pray, and never wants to be done praying lol – we probably pray 4-5 times before our meal every night. ????”

It seems that Eloise enjoys praying so much that they have to do it multiple times before they take their first bite. Does she enjoy the prayer that much or does she just enjoy saying amen?

The video was seen nationwide and featured on many popular shows, including The Ellen Show, the Today Show, and Fox News.

After the video went viral, the parents went on to say how they tried to instill their beliefs in their children.

The 20-month-old girl only can say about 15 words but amen is obviously one of them.

She doesn’t probably understand everything that is behind the prayer but she understands what the parents would like her to do.

They also have Penelope, their daughter, and a newborn son. There is no news yet if they all share the same enthusiasm about prayer.

Image Source: John Incorvaia via Facebook

You can see the video for yourself here:

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