Bride refuses to cancel photo shoot after her Fiancé dies from a drunk driver

Most of us look back at our wedding day and think about what a fun occasion it was. People come together, often from different parts of the country to celebrate a day that is about two people in love with each other. It’s a day when we make a promise but things don’t always go as expected. There are always going to be factors that we can’t control and sometimes, we just need to put our best foot forward and continue.

In Indiana, Jessica Padgett was preparing for her big day. She was going to marry Kendall Murphy who was known in the community as a kind individual who was also a courageous volunteer firefighter.

The wedding date was set for September 29, 2018. Jessica was busying herself with preparations and everything was set, from the DJ to the food and the flowers. It was to be a day that was unforgettable.

Image Source: Loving Life Photography

The problem is, the wedding never took place. She received the news on November 10, 2017 that her fiancé had been called to the scene of a car crash. The accident was horrific and Kendall was ready to help anyone but he was struck by a car while helping a crash victim.

According to the local news, a drunk driver struck Kendall while he was standing beside his own vehicle. Jessica had a hard time accepting that it was true. She mourned her 27-year-old late fiancé while her friends and family stood by her side. That is when Kendall’s mother, Katrina Murphy had an idea that was too good to let go.

She decided that it would be appropriate to continue with the photo shoot that would have belonged to Jessica and Kendall on their wedding day. She thought that it would be a good way to remember his life and the celebration that they should have experienced together. It would also help Jessica to heal.

Image Source: Loving Life Photography

Mandi Knepp of Loving Life Photography was contacted for the unusual photo shoot. It happened on September 29, when Jessica put on her makeup and wedding dress. Friends and family arrived to give witness to what was about to take place and to lend moral support. They were both laughing and crying that day.

Somebody helped Jessica into her wedding gown as the photo shoot began. She then held a bouquet and stood with family and friends who were wearing their best attire for the event. She also took pictures with the firefighters Kendall worked with. Many people were able to see the firefighters who came to the event to provide support for the grieving bride.

Kendall’s uniform and some of his belongings were also subjects of various photos. The one of Jessica weeping at the grave of her late fiancé, however, was the one that really breaks your heart. Jessica continues to receive support from the community.

Image Source: Loving Life Photography

Jessica will share memories of Kendall for many years to come. She is involved in many of the events that Kendall was involved in and organizes those within the community.

It’s difficult to lose someone you love but with the help of others, it is possible to move on. It’s great to see that she has a support system that is there for her when she needs them the most.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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