Guy Met His Wife After Mistakenly Putting Flowers On The Grave Of A Man Who Murdered Her Mother

You may never have heard of @SixthFormPoet before but he had something rather interesting to say. In the end, it had people chuckling and perhaps believing that fortune favors the foolish.

One of the most difficult things that we have to deal with in life is the death of someone we care about. We may have a hard time coping and it could be years or perhaps the rest of our life where we tend to struggle from one day to the next.

Throughout the years, there have been many traditions and rituals associated with death and many of them continue to change. Some of the rituals that were a part of those cultures many years ago are still part of what we do today. They include those that pay honor to the person who died. It could be group prayers, wakes, funerals or any other process. Some cultures bury their dead, others burn them on a funeral pyre and others bury them at sea.

It’s obvious that people have deep feelings on the subject.

@SixthFormPoet’s family decided that they would purchase a gravestone as a monument when their father passed away. I have to admit that a funny story doesn’t usually involve the death of a parent but it seems as if this time, it manages to work its way into the situation.

The Twitter user had a close relationship with his father so he would visit the grave on a frequent basis. It became a tradition for the family and it was a matter of family pride.

Large bouquets of flowers were often brought to the grave in remembrance of their father. Sometimes they would even go overboard but it was still a beautiful form of remembrance.

One day, @SixthFormPoet was visiting his father’s grave and he noticed there was a difference between his plot and the one next to it. There were never any flowers or visitors at the grave next door.

That is when he decided to do something special, he would buy flowers and bring them for the stranger.

Some might say it was the decent thing to do but others would say it was a little overboard. The thing is, it wasn’t only done one time, he continued to do it frequently. When he would bring flowers for his father, he would make sure to bring some flowers for the man next to him. In order to keep people from considering him to be a little strange, he kept the entire thing to himself.

After a while, he started to wonder who the man was that was the beneficiary of his flowers.

He ended up looking up information on the man and it seems as if there was a specific reason why nobody would bring flowers to the grave.

He had killed his wife and in-laws before jumping in front of a train.

Not very many people are going to be standing in line to pay tribute to this man who murdered his wife, in-laws and basically ruined Christmas for everyone.

In an effort to do something kind, @SixthFormPoet was honoring a murderer.

That is when he started thinking about the wife and in-laws who were murdered by the man he had been visiting for the past 30 months. He thought that he had to set matters straight and apologize.

He found out where the parents and wife of the man were buried, bought some flowers and visited their grave to say he was sorry.

As he was paying his respects and passing on his regrets, a relative of the deceased was there and she saw what he was doing. She wanted to know more about why he was visiting.

As you can imagine, the entire exchange was awkward.

He ended up telling her the entire story and she thought it was weird but oddly sweet. Then he asked her to go for a drink and it made things even a little more awkward.

The funny thing is, she said yes and now they are married.

You never know what is going to happen as you move through life. Sometimes the saddest things that we may experience turns out to be something beautiful in the end.

Then again, perhaps fortune really does favor the foolish and a strange coincidence can end up being an interesting story that will likely be passed on for generations.

He told about a good behavior reward system he set up for his family and the story of saving up enough money so the family can go to Disneyland. They would get so much for doing something good and have it taken away if they did something bad.

Everything was going great

So, they were close to their goal and then they met a homeless man who did a great Kermit the Frog impersonation.

When his children learned about the plight of the homeless they felt bad and were willing to let the Disney vacation go so they could give the money they earned to the homeless.

@SixthFormPoet decided that it was better to improvise so rather than giving him $1000, he put them up in a hotel.

19 – 20

They even had him to their home for the holidays.

This is how our third story is introduced, involving Lucy and Tim.

@SixthFormPoet didn’t know how he could help Lucy after Tim died so he handed her a card and said she should call if the need came up. She didn’t call.

And then she did.

She had attempted suicide on Christmas day. He went over in the cold and rain to help her but it seems that her attempt was not a very good one.

After letting her know that she wasn’t going to die, a paramedic knocked at the door.

She tried to revive the severity of her suicide attempt but it wasn’t going over well.

The paramedic realized that she had actually had four ibuprofen and two gins and it wasn’t going to do anything to her.

That is when they decided to bring her over to the Christmas party and she met John, the homeless guy who was also at the Christmas party. They seemed happy with each other.

I guess all’s well that ends well.

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