Rare Footage Shows The Incredible Way Geese Protect Themselves From Hail

Geese may not seem like the most obvious candidate to teach us important lessons. After all, shouldn’t they be looking to humans for the guidance that they need? On the other hand, this story proves that these animals might actually have something to teach us! The manner in which they deal with hailstorms needs to be commended and there is a metaphor for life hiding in here somewhere.

The geese do not run away from this challenge. In fact, they decide to stay and face the hail head on. Thanks to the magic of Twitter, we now have video from a recent storm and it is incredible. The behavior that is on display in this video has even surprised some of the most experienced bird watchers. The average person would expect these birds to fly away quickly in the face of danger.

This is simply not their style. Instead, they look to the skies for answers. It is believed that the geese have a very good reason for behaving in this manner. The geese understand that they need to protect their beaks at all costs. If the hail was to strike one of these birds directly in the beak, this is the sort of injury that could pose a threat to their long term health and stability.

For those who did not believe that geese possessed this level of insight, this clip will definitely come as a major surprise. Some of the geese have taken the time and effort to diagnose the flight path of each piece of hail. This is what keeps them safe from the potential damages that can take place when they are struck by the balls of ice.

In other words, this is a clip that needs to be seen in order to be believed. By taking a closer look at the sky, the geese are able to prevent themselves from experiencing severe harm. It may seem counterproductive but these geese are able to tell when a hailstone is about to strike and adjust accordingly. Instead of hiding from their problems, they face them head on.

This is definitely a metaphor that the average human could stand to learn from. There is no reason to run away from the problems that tend come along in this life. Please be sure to share this amazing story with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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