Dogs Have Spent 128 Days In Shelter Because They Refuse To Be Adopted Alone

Georgia and Sunny were essentially friends at first sight. They have been the best of pals ever since they were puppies. While these two got to enjoy an awesome life with a loving family, they were eventually forced into adoption when the family moved and could no longer keep them. Once they arrived at the Arizona Humane Society, it was clear to see that they could not be separated for any reason.

The bond that they share with each other is simply too strong to be broken. What makes their connection even more incredible is the fact that they have nothing in common. American Staffordshire terrier Sunny is an adventure seeking dog by nature who loves to make new friends. On the other hand, Georgia is a Chihuahua who is not always big on taking the lead.

In most instances, she prefers to let Sunny do the investigating. Despite all of these differences, the two are best friends and they are inseparable. Their connection is so strong that they do not like to spend any time apart whatsoever. The Arizona Humane Society learned the hard way when they placed the dogs in different yards during a play period.

The two dogs immediately found each other and met at the fence. They whined until the moment that they were reunited. This connection is an easy one to understand. Since they were both taken from their original home, they now rely on one another as a source of stability. They are at their happiest when they get to spend lots and lots of time together.

Sunny and Georgia have been through a lot during their short lives but they are happy as long as they have each other. Because of the bond that they have built, they are a package deal as far as finding a forever home is concerned. Sadly, it is hard for one dog to find a forever home to call their own and locating a family that is willing to take on two is even more challenging.

That’s where you come into play. If you have any information that can be used to assist these pups in finding a forever home, please be sure to contact the Arizona Humane Society as soon as possible. Take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones as well. These dogs make for loving companions and they deserve to enjoy a new home!

If you’re interested in adopting Sunny and Georgia, you can contact the Arizona Humane Society for more information.

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