Rescued Pit Bull Convinces His Mom To Adopt Their Foster Kitten

Sterling the pitbull puppy had already experienced a very difficult existence. While his mother had finally adopted him when he was just a month old, there was still some work to be done. His tough upbringing had caused him to lose some confidence. He would need to some help to become the best dog that he could be. When his mother first found him, he was in dire straits.

“I was bottle feeding him regularly.”

She said that the small dog was also covered in scars. It took some time and effort but she was willing to put in the work. Thanks to her willingness to assist him, the dog has undergone an amazing transformation. He’s now one of the most loving animals that you could ever hope to meet. Bethany is a miracle worker!

She does not want this sort of credit, though. She’s an animal advocate at heart. This is not the first time that she has assisted animals who find themselves in such predicaments. Sterling is now her helper. When new foster animals show up at the house, he is happy to assist them. He wants to make sure that they are able to enjoy the same experience that he did.

Bethany found little Lux in a McDonald’s parking lot not too long ago. She brought the little kitten home, knowing that Sterling would love to have a new friend. As you may have expected, it did not take these animals too long to form a bond. They took to one another quickly and their connection is absolutely priceless. Lux was fearful at first.

He soon realized that his brother loved her very much and had his best interests at heart. When Lux heads outside, Sterling watches over him. He is a great big brother, isn’t he?

They take lots of naps together and they also love to play with each other. It was clear to see that Lux and Sterling were going to be best friends for years to come.

Sadly, Lux would have to leave one day. Sterling would be heartbroken. Bethany gave the situation a lot of thought. Eventually, she decided that the cat would have to stay forever. Sterling was overjoyed, of course. Now, they get to be brothers officially! They get to be best pals for the remainder of their lives and we are beyond happy for them. Please share this incredible story with your friends and loved ones.

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