There’s A Real-Life Batman Going Around Saving Shelter Animals

Sometimes, we wish that there were real superheroes who would swoop in and help those in need. Fortunately, there are heroes out there who do not want the praise. They are willing to help out and they do not need any credit. These heroes are not usually clad in capes. Well, maybe this hero is. He’s the real, live Batman that we deserve and his story is touching.

Koko the pitbull was struggling to find a home initially. They were going to need help if they were going to survive. When Koko first arrived at the Pet Resource Center of Tampa, the dog did not know what to make of things. They had been living on the street as a stray. Sadly, the pitbull was not going to be long for this world. The animal was placed on the list for euthanization.

Can you believe that this animal was rescued in the actual nick of time? They were in their final hour when they were finally given the chance to enjoy a new home. There was just one issue. The dog’s new home was not close by. The animal would need a lift to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Chris Van Dorn was the perfect man for the job. He’s got his own rescue nonprofit.

Batman4Paws has assisted other pets in need in the past. He’s the Dark Knight that we did not know we deserved. “I would say I’m just the middleman,” says Chris. He does not consider himself a hero. He donned the Batman costume and got ready for the eight hour car ride without asking for any additional assistance. It was his duty to help out.

All he wants to do is help the shelters that are truly responsible for offering these animals loving homes. In too many instances, there are willing forever homes but the animal is too far away. Van Dorn is also looking to spread awareness about the importance of these initiatives. Fostering and adoption are very crucial topics when it comes to shelter animals.

In the meantime, Chris is happy to continue to wear the costume. He knows that it brings everyone else so much joy. He’s even got his own Robin: his own dog (who is named Mr. Boots). He’s got a pilot’s license and will one day fly these animals to their new homes. Provide him with a donation if you would like to help out.

To support Van Dorn on his mission to clear the shelters, you can make a donation to his GoFundMe page.

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