Rescuer Hear Cries For Help Under Burned-Out Truck After Wildfires

Douglas Thron has spent much of his life documenting all of the damages that are typically caused by wildfires. He is certainly no stranger to the destruction that they leave behind. However, even he was taken aback by the scene that was left behind in the wake of Camp Fire. California residents have been enduring these fires for weeks now and they are now forced to piece their lives back together in the immediate aftermath.

Thron says that he has yet to see anything like this in all of years of photography. The photos look like something out of a nightmare. Is this what the world is going to look like one day when we have finally finished destroying the environment? Moments like these definitely lead to some sobering thoughts. Fortunately, all was not lost as a result of the fires.

Shannon Jay is a volunteer who scoured the remains of Camp Fire alongside Thron. They headed to a town called Paradise that had been destroyed by the flames. Shannon is also someone who prides himself on rescuing all of the cats that are left behind. Thron did not realize what type of undertaking this was…until now. It is definitely a labor of love.

By the time many of the cats have been found, they are quite skittish and distrustful of humans. After the hell that so many of them have been through, this is certainly understandable, isn’t it? They do not always trust the humans to rescue them and they remain in a state of fear. Luckily, Douglas had his camera rolling when they found one cat underneath a torched truck.

He and Shannon heard the animal’s cries and knew that they had to help right away. The cat had to be coaxed out from under the vehicle. You will simply have to watch this clip for yourself in order to believe it. We would like to take this time to warn viewers about the language in this video. It is a bit coarse at times.

The ordeal moved Shannon to tears and we are guessing that it may move you to tears as well. In order to learn more about this amazing rescue mission and the fate of the surviving cat, be sure to check out the video below. We are glad that these two came together to rescue this animal and we hope that this sweet kitty is able to find a forever home soon. In the meantime, head to Shannon’s GoFundMe page to help the animals who have affected by these fires.

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