Dog Found Living In The Dirt Breaks Rescuer’s Heart When She Finds Out His Backstory

Dogs have the type of loyalty that some of us can only dream of experiencing. They are not like human beings when it comes to holding grudges. They can overlook behaviors that would cause most of us to shun someone forever. No matter what they have been forced to experience, they find a way to stay happy. Larry the yellow Lab is a prime example of this.

He may have been abandoned by his family but Larry is still going to keep the faith. The family had provided him with a home prior to moving but once they packed up to leave, they left the poor pup to fend for himself. He was not a puppy at the time but the eight year old was still in good health. Larry had a lot of love to give and no one to share it with.

All he could do at this point was trudge across the street. He found a landscaping business to hide out at and laid in the dirt. Truckers would occasionally take pity on him and offer him something to eat. One driver finally decided that she had seen enough. She created an Instagram page for the dog that was designed to let the world know more about his plight.

Sasha Abelson learned of his desperation and wanted to help. At the Love Leo Rescue president, she is accustomed to these sorts of missions. She immediately tapped into her local network of volunteers. The message was a very simple one: all you need to do is get the dog into our hands and we will be more than happy to handle all of the rest.

This was all that anyone needed to hear. Larry did not want to leave the area because he was convinced that his family was still going to come back. In time, he was coaxed into the car and brought to the volunteers. He had a tumor on his pituitary gland that had gone untreated. The volunteers gave him the treatment that he needed and in time, he became the dog they always knew he could be.

He is still looking for a forever home and will remain at Love Leo Rescue in the meantime. Dogs like Larry are not always the first choice of those who are looking to adopt because of his advanced age. Those who would be willing to take a chance on an older dog are certainly going to enjoy his companionship. Be sure to pass this story along so that Larry can find the perfect fit!

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