Rescuers Act Quickly To Save Three Scared Puppies Found Trapped In Tar

Stories like these are never happy ones but they take place on an all too regular basis. Residents of a neighborhood in India recently came across one of the saddest sights that we have ever seen. They heard pitiful cries and when they went to check on what had happened, they were stunned by what they found. There were three itty bitty puppies and they were trapped inside of a block of tar.

Animal Aid Unlimited was contacted to provide the animals with the help that they so clearly needed. Luckily, they were on the scene right away. This is one organization that knows how to help out in times of need. They knew that the puppies had probably been trapped for some time and would need to assist right away. One of them was unable to even cry.

Fortunately, the cries of the third dog were heard before it was too late. The puppies would not be able to be removed very easily, though. The animals were solidly encased. The rescuers had to grab the entire slab of tar before they could get to work. The tar was removed without incident and they set about the task of freeing the babies from their makeshift prison.

The dogs were then taken to the shelter so that all of the excess tar could be washed off their tiny little bodies. The process took hours and the puppies were very, very thirsty by the time it was all over. We cannot even begin to imagine how these animals were able to survive this horrible ordeal. Whoever is responsible for this needs to pay dearly.

By the time all of the tar was finally removed, three days had passed. The puppies were not about to give up, however. They are a resilient bunch and they pulled through with flying colors. While these babies may have been facing certain death, they were not willing to go gently into the night. The puppies were even reunited with their mother after the rescue was complete!

What an amazing ending to an otherwise sad story. The puppies were ecstatic to be reunited with their mother and she was more than happy to see them, too. If you would like to find out more about this rescue mission and the adversity that these puppies faced, be sure to check out the touching clip below.

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