Blind Stray Cat Opens Eyes For First Time In Months, And Suns Rescuers With His Beauty

Cotton has not had an easy life. Cats like him do not always have the chance to enjoy a happy existence. In many instances, they are disposed of before they ever have an opportunity to show the world how kind they are. As a street cat, he had spent much of his life wandering around South Florida. By the time he was found, he was covered in mange and mites.

The mange had progressed to the point where the cat was no longer able to open his eyes. Animal Friends Project Inc. finally intervened. Carmen Weinberg is the founder of this organization and she was willing to help this animal directly. When a local man found Cotton wandering the streets, Carmen said that she would take him in right away.

There are not many people out there who would be willing to take in a stray cat that was in need of this sort of help. Cotton was even given his very own “quarantine” area of Carmen’s house. She wanted to make sure that he would be given the chance to fully heal. He was given all of the food and water that he needed and his mange was treated with the usage of antibiotics.

The cat was understandably itchy and Carmen understood his pain. She gave him lots of creams and oils to soothe the scratchiness. Cotton was so happy to have someone to care about. He’s an affectionate cat and he’s finally getting the chance to show it. The little fellow showed his appreciation by cuddling with Carmen at every opportunity.

Cats like him need the help of kind folks like Carmen. While a number of people passed him by because he looked too far gone, she was not willing to do so. All he needed was one chance and now he is on the mend. If only someone had been willing to give him an opportunity before now! At long last, his mange healed up enough so that his eyes could open.

You will be spellbound when you finally get the chance to see this cat’s beautiful eyes. He is definitely a handsome one, isn’t he? Even Carmen was astonished by what she saw. She did not think that he would ever have the chance to see. She assumed that he was blind for life. Please share this amazing transformation with all of your friends and loved ones right now.

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