FDA Has Recalled Multiple Dog Foods For High Levels Of Vitamin D

The Food and Drug Administration is here to ensure the continued health and safety of our pets. To that end, they are in the process of recalling various dog foods that could cause serious health issues for our four legged friends. The dog food brands that are being recalled from stores around the country have been found to contain levels of Vitamin D that are potentially toxic and these brands need to be removed from shelves immediately.

The Food and Drug Administration came to this decision after receiving a wide range of complaints about dog foods that were making pets sick. There is a certain amount of Vitamin D that needs to be placed in each batch of dog food. The dog foods that are being recalled contained over 70 times the amount that has been recommended by industry experts.

Animals cannot consume too much Vitamin D. The toxicity levels are off the charts. The recall began last month but dog owners will still want to safeguard their pets, if they have not already. Kroger and King Soopers are just a couple of the locations that have been found to sell the tainted dog food. There are still a few brands on the recall list, as of January the 17th.

Sunshine Mills dog foods must be avoided. Specifically, the Old Glory hearty turkey and cheese flavored variety. Evolve’s chicken rice dry dog food for puppies, Sportsman’s Pride dry dog food for larger puppy breeds and Triumph’s dry dog food (chicken and rice flavors) should not be purchased under any circumstances. The same goes for certain Ahold Delhaize varieties from the Nature’s Place/Promise divisions. The Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice and Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food flavors have been recalled.

Kroger flavors that have been recalled include the brown rice recipe and abound chicken. The same varieties were recalled from King Soopers as well. ELM Pet Foods buyers must dispose of their Chicken and Chickpea recipe and the Naturals Chicken Recipe. Orlando based Lidl recalled their chickpea superfood recipe and grain-free chicken dog foods. Chickpea Superfood Recipe, Natural Life Pet Products’ Chicken and Potato Dry Dog Food and Nutrisca’s Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food round out the list.

Please be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones soon as possible, especially those who have dogs of their own. All it takes is one quick share to potentially save the life of an unsuspecting pooch. If your dog is experiencing any adverse symptoms as a result of consuming these foods, contact The Food and Drug Administration immediately.

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