Rescuers Find Dog With Shoelaces Tightly Wrapped Around His Neck And Shot With Pellets

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media hubs in the world….if not THE most powerful. With billions of unique users, this is where many people go to receive help when their pets are lost and cannot be found. Thanks to the help that Facebook can provide, one special dog is finally going to receive the second chance that they so richly deserve.

This story took place in Houston and the dog’s name is Gus. Gus did not receive his new name until after he was found, though. He has spent the last year of his life living on the streets of the 1200 block on Martin Luther King Boulevard. No one was willing to intervene at first. Finally, a woman by the name of Laura Jean decided to step in to help.

Otherwise, we shudder to think of what would have happened to this poor pup. She wanted to pursue Gus even further but she was afraid that she would frighten the dog. The last thing she wanted was for him to end up sprinting into traffic out of fear. She was also annoyed by the number of cars that refused to stop in order to help her take the dog to safety.

Southeast Houston was simply no place for a stranded dog. Some local residents have spent time with Gus but none of them were willing to step up to the plate to provide him with a forever home. Houston K-911 Rescue finally saw the posts that Laura Jean put up. From there, they set about the task of finding the lost dog before it was too late.

The team was in the process of hunting for Gus when the most incredible thing happened. Gus popped out and came straight to them! What an amazing ending to what could have been a much sadder story. The rescue team was finally able to take a closer look at his injuries and provide him with much needed assistance. The mangled dog was going to get his second chance.

The poor pup had been struggling with a shoelace that was tied around his neck. He also had been shot several times with a pellet gun. K-911 made the necessary donations and got the dog the help he sorely needed. Gus had a successful surgery and was given the chance to go home with a foster mother. His quality of life has improved significantly. Contact Houston K-911 Rescue if you would like to offer a donation.

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