Rescuers Find Overweight Tiger In Abandoned Houston Home

This is the sort of story that may seem made up but in reality? This is a real life occurrence. We are a sucker for animal rescue stories that sound as if they have been taken from a movie. This tale takes place in Houston, Texas, of all locations. A local resident decided that they would head to a local home that had been abandoned, so that they could smoke some pot in peace.

This enterprising smoker was treated to quite the surprise. A live tiger had decided to squat at this residence! At first, the person was sure that they were hallucinating. This sounds like something straight out of the Hangover film franchise. Once the person realized that the tiger was very real and very spectacular, they fled the scene and contacted the police.

When the Houston Police Department first got the call about the tiger, they assumed that they were being tricked. There was no way that someone could have actually stumbled across a live tiger in Houston, right? The cops assumed that the caller must have been too high to know what they were talking about. Of course, this turned out to be a false assumption.

The Livestock Animal Cruelty Unit was contacted and sent to the home. They would soon realize that this person’s story was 100 percent true. Score one for all of the weed smokers out there. The tiger was in bad shape, though. The animal’s weight had ballooned to a dangerous level and the creature was said to have weighed at least 1,000 pounds.

The tiger was said to be docile. These rescuers were not going to take any chances, though. The cat was transported to a local facility for additional care. They also came up with the perfect name for the animal: Tyson. All of the Hangover fans reading this story right now certainly just got a huge chuckle out of that one. The authorities were then left to figure out how she got into the home in the first place.

BARC Animal Enforcement officers decided to place the tiger in a sanctuary, so that she could receive the help she needed. The sanctuary workers are now in the process of trying to find a new home for the tiger. We wish them the best of luck when it comes to finding a forever home. We would also like to urge our readers to take a closer look at this awesome clip if they would like to learn more….

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