Black Leopard Photographed In Africa For First Time In Nearly 100 Years

Those of us who have managed to take photos of our friends when they are in the midst of enjoying themselves can definitely relate to this one. Who hasn’t enjoyed a good old fashioned photo bomb? Will Burrard-Lucas got to enjoy this feeling recently. In fact, we are going to go out on a huge limb and say that he is probably still feeling very proud of himself.

He is a wildlife photographer who has been capturing photos of various animals in action for some time now. His photos offer a closer glimpse of numerous animals that we would never have the chance to see otherwise. His latest find will leave you spellbound. Will was able to snap a photo of one of the rarest animals in the world.

Will visited Kenya’s Laikipia Wilderness Camp. While he was there, he came across an extremely rare black leopard. This animal had not been seen for some time. The animal has not been photographed within the past 100 years. The lack of photography has allowed the animal to take on an almost mythical sort of status among the local population in Kenya.

The leopard’s coat is black because of melanism. Some animals may have terrific white coats due to albinism but this leopard is flipping the script! Thanks to his genetic condition, he is experiencing an excessive amount of darker pigmentation. However, the animal also comes with additional markings that are revealed in Will’s photos. These markings allow the leopard to truly stand out and make these photos even more striking.

Of course, there are those who are wondering how he could have possibly gotten this close to the animal. Motion sensors were used, in addition to a Camtraptions camera trap. The pictures were captured because of Will’s expert placement. He did not even know that the pictures were taken until he took the time to go back through his camera roll.

These photographs are extremely rare and they need to be shared with a much wider audience. There is a serious lack of high quality footage when it comes to these black leopards. Will’s a top notch photographer and we are glad that he was able to capture this footage. Now, you can take the time to share it with the rest of your friends and loved ones! Be sure to pass this amazing photography along, so that it can be appreciated by all.

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