Pit Bull Runs Out Of House And Fetches Police To Save Family From Gas Leak

While there are some people out there who still have a negative view of the pitbull, there are many who realize their inherent goodness. Take the dog in this story, for instance. Sadie is the sort of pitbull who refuses to let any harm come to her loved ones…no matter what. She and her mother Serena have been living together since she was a baby.

In all of that time, Sadie has never tried to escape the home that she resides in. Unfortunately, she finally broke out of the residence recently. Earlier this month, Sadie left the house for the first time but her reasoning for doing so will certainly touch your heart. Her family needed her help. She would stop at nothing until she got them the assistance they required.

One of the family’s neighbors would soon notice the animal’s barking. It took no time at all before they realized what was taking place. Police officers were on the scene quickly as well. Sadie was supposed to be heading back home but the pup had a completely different plan in mind. She led the officers to her home, so that they could help her family.

When they arrived at the home, they would soon realize why this animal was in such a state of distress. The animal’s bloody claw marks could be seen from the outdoors. Her desperation to get outside was made clear. The house smelled of gas and Sadie knew that her humans were in danger. Con Ed and the Eastchester fire department took a closer look at the home.

Sadie had sensed the danger and gotten help in the nick of time. While Serena and her little girl were not actually home at the time, who knows what might have happened if the dog had not sprung into action? Sadie is a true hero. She defied all of the odds and did everything in her power to make sure that her family was able to remain safe.

Pit bull sniffs out danger

I met a pitbull with a nose for danger todayREAD MORE: http://westchester.news12.com/story/39928109/nose-for-danger-pit-bull-alerts-police-to-gas-leak?fbclid=IwAR3sozYldXI8Uud0-YPF4tqibv-RMs1Yl-z3ZxHSPDb_-IrW-lB2uIjz3oM

Posted by Nadia Galindo on Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Tuckahoe Police Department was bowled over by the dog’s hard work. They even gave her a job offer on the spot. Would you like to learn more about Sadie’s astonishing rescue efforts? If so, be sure to check out the following video and pass it along to your loved ones.

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