Rescuers Spot Mama Dog On Streets Desperately Searching For Her Puppies

Seeing any mother that has been separated from her babies is sad enough as it is. Seeing a mama dog who cannot communicate her frustrations to the world is even sadder. What would you if you came across a dog on the street who was in need of help? Would you give them the assistance that they needed or just keep on walking? Sadly, there are too many people who fall into the latter category.

Fortunately, there are some great people out there who are willing to help. This story took place in New Orleans, where a guard saw a dog that was in need of help and decided to intervene. The pit bull was clearly a new mother and she was in very rough shape. She was wandering about the neighborhood and was in search of her puppies, who were nowhere to be found.

Those who watch Pit Bulls and Paroles on a regular basis might already be familiar with this story. Tia Torres hosts the show and she says that she got a call from the security guard not long after the dog was found. A dog cannot be allowed to run loose through the streets of New Orleans. Tia knew that they would have to intervene quickly.

If not, this mother would never be reunited with her puppies. This issue hits especially close to home for Torres. She founded the Villalobos Rescue Center to help dogs like this one find their way back home. She specializes in assisting dogs that have been abused and/or abandoned. Pit bulls are the specific breed that she aims to assist.

Pit bulls do not always receive the help that they need because they are considered to be a more rough and tumble breed. When the mother was located, she was surprisingly friendly, considering the circumstances. Once she was placed on a leash, she took them to a home close by. As it turns out, her owner had been arrested and the dogs were staying there until he came home.

Obviously, there were holes in this story. The man claimed to be caring for her but it was obvious that he was not. The rescue team got the necessary permission and they were able to remove the dogs from the home once and for all. If you would like to see this awesome reunion for yourself, be sure to take a moment to check out the video below.

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