Cat Was Accidentally Shipped More Than 700 Miles from Home After Sneaking Into a Box

We are all familiar with the concept of curiosity killing the cat but what about the cats whose curiosity leads them in other, less harmful directions? The cat in this story is a prime example of this principle. If you have ever owned a cat of your own, you are probably well aware of the fact that they love to climb into just about any box that they can find.

If they can fit, then they will sit. They will wedge themselves into just about any structure that they find. While most cat owners get a chuckle out of this behavior, that does not mean that the cats will not find themselves getting into trouble. Baloo is just such a cat. The one year old found himself on a wild adventure and he only has his own curiosity to blame.

His owner Jacqueline resides in Nova Scotia. She was packing a box to be shipped when he managed to slip his way inside. He did not make his way into the box from the top. He somehow got inside from the bottom! That made it impossible for his mother to know what had happened until it was too late. Once she shipped the box off, she realized her error.

Baloo was inside! Fortunately, he was no worse for the wear and by the time he was located, he was in good spirits. We are sure that he was nervous once he realized what was taking place, though. Imagine how you would feel to wake up inside of an enclosed space that is on the move, not knowing where you are going next. Baloo took a 700 mile trip without even trying to.

We are somewhat jealous of his ability to travel 700 miles for free, though. Once the shipping company realized that Baloo was still in the package, they brought him to the local SPCA. He was soon reunited with Jacqueline.

This incredible cat is a survivor of the highest order. We bet that his mother smothered him with lots of hugs and kisses once she got him back in her arms. It is good to see that he was no worse for the wear once this awful ordeal concluded. Anyone who has a box jumping cat will be watching them much more closely now.

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