Senior Dog Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Been Left At Shelter – Receives A Christmas Miracle

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, for animals and humans alike. It is a chance to come together with loved ones and share in all of the trappings of the season. Some families are fortunate enough to have new editions during this time period. While some animals finally get the chance to join a forever home, there are others who are not so lucky.

Some animals get tossed aside during the moments when they are most in need of love. Peanut is a senior dog who found herself in this unfortunate predicament. She was surrendered not long after the Thanksgiving festivities were complete. As a 14 year old dog, she was not used to this sort of treatment. Peanut was baffled when she first arrived at the shelter.

She took one look at the new surroundings and figured that she was a goner. Peanut was giving up hope. Dallas Animal Services also received a request for the dog to be put down. By the time she arrived, she had become very thin. It was not as easy for her to walk as it once was. Peanut was down to her last two teeth and even tested positive for heart worms.

To say things were looking bleak would be an understatement. When senior dogs are left behind, they often struggle to receive adoption interest. People would much rather take home a new puppy instead. For senior dogs with a host of health problems? The task becomes almost impossible. No wonder Peanut was starting to give up hope so quickly.

Fortunately, a group of animal lovers rallied around the dog and started to share her story on social media. They wanted to make sure that Peanut had a nice Christmas after all. It did not take long for a miracle to happen! Peanut would not have to be put down and she would get to enjoy the holiday that she deserved. Tommy Bull was the angel who stepped up.

He knew that there was little to no choice of her being saved. He picked her up from the shelter and gave her a big hug, so that she knew she was in safe hands. Her name was changed to Henrietta and she immediately got along fabulously with the other rescue dogs that Tommy had already brought home. To find out more about her awesome new home, please be sure to check out the video below.

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