Researchers Found A Rare ‘Headless Chicken Monster’ Swimming Deep In The Antarctic Ocean

Researchers exploring the bottom of the Anarctica’s southern ocean captured one bizarre animal on camera.

It’s name…the “headless chicken monster” and everyone is wondering, what the heck is it?

“We’d never seen this thing before… none of us actually knew what it was.”

“At the time, none of us actually knew what it was, so we did what a lot of scientists do and Googled it.”

While these sea creatures have been seen before, this was the first time it was filmed anywhere else besides the Gulf of Mexico.

This species has transparent skin, and spends most of its life almost two miles under the waves, on the sea floor, where it feeds on tiny animals called plankton.

As Welsford said, “It’s one of the most spectacular specimens I’ve ever seen.”

“Some of the footage we are getting back from the cameras is breathtaking.”

Australian researchers captured the “chicken” on video while experimenting with their new deep-sea cameras.

The cutting-edge machines are fastened to fishing lines and hang almost touching the sea floor.

“Most importantly, the cameras are providing important information about areas of seafloor that can withstand this type of fishing and sensitive areas that should be avoided.”

What do you think of the “headless chicken”? Is it cool, or creepy?

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