Restaurant Will Pay You $100 An Hour To Cuddle Dogs

Are you someone who hates your job? Do you wish that you could spend your days improving the lives of various dogs instead? If so, it is time that you found out more about this dream job. MUTTS Canine Cantina has two locations in Texas and they are looking for employees who are truly ready to dedicate their lives to dogs. We are sure that you have heard of interns before, right?

Thanks to this restaurant, you will now have the chance to become what is known as a “pup-tern”. These employees have one very important responsibility that cannot be neglected at any cost: playing with the dogs that stop by and petting them as well. Sounds pretty tough, if you ask us. We sure do hope that they are offering overtime to these beleaguered employees.

This park and restaurant has dozens of canine visitors each day. Their humans bring them by so that they can enjoy all sorts of delicious eats and run their meal off by playing outdoors. This is the sort of location that any dog would love to visit. Humans are also able to sign their dogs up for official memberships. A membership grants the dogs access to the park.

The dogs can run off their leashes at this point in time and also play catch. There is also a dog agility course at the restaurant’s location in Dallas. The Fort Worth location is actually located adjacent to Texas Christian University. This allows college students to head to this restaurant so that they are able to spend time with these awesome pups.

The MUTTS team hopes that they are able to locate willing employees who are able to step in and assist these dogs. We are going to go out on a huge limb and say that they are not going to have any such problems. The “pup-tern” gets to greet all of the MUTTS customers and members with a smile and from there, it is all about playing with the dogs that stop by.

If you were waiting to find out more about a potential catch, there isn’t one. Applicants will need to be 18 years or older, though. Instagram users who wish to apply are urged to use the #MUTTSpuptern hashtag when they are showcasing their awesome puppy petting skills. You have until November 12 to strut your stuff and let MUTTS know more about your skill set.

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