Retractable Leashes: Dangerous And Deadly For Dogs And Humans

When Consumer Reports let the world know about the dangers of retractable leashes, there were some who were concerned. Meanwhile, others were skeptical. However, these types of messages are of the utmost importance to both humans and their four-legged friends. These leashes are quite popular, so it is easy to see why so many people are still attached to them.

They are found at just about any reputable online retailer and the majority of pet stores stock them as well. People choose them for seemingly virtuous reasons. They allow their dogs to roam more freely during walks. Dogs can also spend more time sniffing and poking about. However, there is a downside to these leashes that is not discussed often enough.

For starters, the dogs will often wander off into traffic or get into mischief in other ways. Dogs who are on retractable leashes are also more likely to find themselves in confrontations with other dogs. If the animal wanders off and makes contact with another dog, they can be attacked before the owner even has a chance to save them. This makes it hard for the owner to seize control of the situation.

These cords also tend to snap when they are pulled on by the more powerful dog breeds. When the retractable leash breaks, the animal is at risk and the human can be injured, too. Most humans will instinctively grab at the severed cord in hopes of saving their pet, only to cause greater harm to themselves. Cuts, burns and even amputations are shockingly common.

Some unfortunate people have even been pulled off of their feet entirely. Bumps, bruises, scrapes, and severe gashes are more likely to occur. Dogs are at risk of spinal injury and trachea laceration. They are also more likely to come into contact with cars and bicycles. Leash handles are tugged away from the owner when a dog is looking to chart their own course.

By nature, these leashes are dangerous. This is an important story to share with all of the dog owners in your life. While these leashes may provide a certain level of convenience, the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks.

Renowned dog-training expert Cesar Millan has a strong opinion on the use of retractable leashes and says “Retractable leashes have a specific purpose. They were designed for certain types of tracking and recall training with dogs. You should NEVER use such a lead for just walking your dog.”

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