Dog Loves Fashion So Much His Grandpa Built Him A Tiny Closet For His Clothes

Pluto the dog is not like all of the other dogs out there. While most dogs do not spend time considering their personal sense of style, he is a more dapper sort. He likes to look good and it shows. Lily is a Twitter user who adopted him and when she first took him home, she noticed that something was not quite right about him. He always seemed to be cold.

The doctor tried to say that it was only anxiety. However, Lily came to a much more reasonable explanation: the tiny dog was just too small to keep himself warm. Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the most powerful. Once she got the dog a special jacket to wear, he stopped being cold all of the time. From there, Pluto developed a love affair with his new wardrobe.

Unlike some dogs who do not like to be dressed up for any reason, Pluto is embracing his new gear. Lily has helped him to beef up his selection as well. He is now the proud owner of at least a dozen different jackets. The family was left with a very unique problem as his clothing collection continued to expand, though. Where were they going to put everything?

Lily’s father decided to pitch in and he had an incredible solution. The tiny little dog would now have his own tiny little closet. The dog’s closet was completed quickly. According to Lily, the dog had a “whole closet in under two days!” and we are absolutely amazed. What an incredibly selfless grandfather this dog has. This is some cute construction.

We cannot stop squealing at how adorable this closet is. Pluto was very happy to have his own closet as well. As you may have expected, he wasted no time walking around inside. Now, he gets to enjoy the excitement of picking out different things to wear each day. The new closet made him very happy and we are glad to share in the moment with him.

Pluto’s wardrobe now has room to expand. This is one spoiled dog who has it good! We love seeing him frolic around in his closet and we are even a little bit jealous. Who wouldn’t love to have a tiny closet for their pet? Pluto’s grandfather has inspired us to take a closer look at what we can do for our four legged friends. Please share this amazing story with the animal lovers in your life!

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