Russia Is Opening A “Jurassic Park” Research Lab To Bring Extinct Animals Back To Life

A Siberian research facility is looking to make major changes to the world we live in. If they have their way, the landscape will look much different. They are looking to recreate the glory days of the woolly mammoth. The woolly mammoth has not roamed the earth for thousands upon thousands of years now. This research facility is preparing to change all of that.

The 4th Eastern Economic Forum was the setting for this announcement. Russia plans to open the lab in the city of Yakutsk. It will cost nearly $6 million. Their objective is to create a scientific center that allows for paleo-genetic research. Scientists will be targeting the genetics of various animals from the region that have gone extinct over the course of time.

In addition to the woolly mammoths, cave lions and extinct horse breeds will also be explored. It will take some time before they can achieve their goals but they are aiming to take these animals out of extinction. Of course, there are those who are probably wondering if it is the best idea to mess with nature like this. However, the temperatures of the region have created a perfect environment for this type of experimentation.

The frigid conditions of Siberia have essentially created a permafrost. The soft tissue samples that will be needed for this exercise are going to be perfectly preserved. These materials cannot be found anywhere else in the world and that is what makes this location so perfect. Hopefully, none of these creatures decide to attack once they are recreated.

The resurrection of extinct species is not something that can take place overnight. In order for this project to go according to plan, the scientists are going to need additional DNA from living relatives who still remain. If this is starting to sound more and more like Jurassic Park with each sentence, you are definitely not alone.

To date, there is only one animal that has ever been successfully cloned after already going extinct. The Pyrenean ibex died 21 years ago and is the only animal that has been resurrected at this time. However, the animal’s new life did not last for very long. It only took seven minutes before the Pyrenean ibex went extinct once again. Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones. It is sure to raise some very interesting ethical questions!


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