Tiny Puppy Isn’t Allowed To Sit On The Couch – But His Response Has The Internet Howling

Every dog has their own likes and dislikes. Some dogs love to go for walks. Other dogs like to be lazy instead. Some dogs will beg their parents for treats…well, to be fair, all dogs probably participate in this practice. One of the more common issues that tends to come up in most households like these is whether the dog should be allowed to sit on the furniture or not.

Of course, our dogs simply want us to join us on the couch and see what they are missing out on. When they are banned from doing so, it only increases their level of desire. The couch essentially becomes a form of forbidden fruit. The French bulldog in this story was banned from jumping on the couch and his response to this edict is one of the cutest things that we have ever seen.

The small dog decides that they are going to take matters into their own hands. If they are not going to be allowed to leap onto the couch, they will simply ignore this rule and hop up anyway. It did not take long for the bulldog to realize that he was too small to successfully make his way onto the couch. That was not going to stop him from trying anyways.

The realization that he was not big enough to make the jump must have hit him hard, though. He began to scream and moan for help. All he wanted was one little nap on the couch and he could not even enjoy that luxury. It had been a long, hard day of running and playing for the dog. Why couldn’t anyone understand where this little fellow was coming from?

The frustration that this dog feels is somewhat easy to relate to. We have all had that moment where we are unable to carry out what seems to be an easy task. This dog’s behavior is a little more funny than that, however. The pooch starts to behave in the same manner that a frustrated child would. It is quite the sight to see, we promise you that.

Be sure to share this hilarious clip with your friends and loved ones. They are sure to enjoy the dog’s antics once they have the chance to check them out for themselves. Please do not hesitate to share this awesome video so that you can find out more about where your loved ones stand on this important matter.

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