Security Camera Captures Woman Comforting Freezing Stray Dog

Duygu Elma was having a day much like any other. She had gone to a Turkish cafe and when she left, she was confronted by one of the saddest sights that she had ever seen. A dog was stranded outside and it was clear to see that the animal needed a lot of help. It was cold and rainy outside and from the looks of it, the dog had been abandoned in this location for some time.

The news editor decided that she was going to help out the dog, right there on the spot. While some might have needed more time to make a decision of this magnitude, she wanted to help out immediately. Duygu unfolded the scarf that she was wearing and draped it over the shivering pup. The dog was so happy to have some protection from the elements, at long last.

Thanks to the cafe’s security camera, we were able to see this woman’s kindness in action. This woman did not think that anyone saw her taking care of the animal. She was not looking for any recognition. In a world where people seem to only do good deeds when they can post them to social media, Duygu’s actions were a welcome change.

This selfless act went viral right away and has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Humanity is still alive and well. People like Duygu are here to make sure that dogs like this are not forgotten about. She did not even know that she was being recorded until one of her friends alerted her to the fact that the video went viral.

She never thought that an action this simple would get her this much attention. We love to see stories like these. They remind us that the world is still filled with great people who are willing to put their own problems and concerns to the side to help others. If you would like to see this awesome video for yourself, please be sure to check out the clip below.

There are some of us who simply cannot bear to see an animal suffer and these people deserve recognition. Duygu may not have been looking for any recognition for her actions but we are more than willing to give her some anyway. Please be sure to pass this video along to your closest friends and loved ones, so that they can appreciate it as well.

Köpek üşümez diyen olursa ağır konuşurum!Zonguldak 'ta mağazadan çıkan bir bayan, üşüyen köpeğimizi görüyor. Ne yapsam diye düşünürken boynundan çıkardığı şalı üzerine örtüyor. Insanlar yavaş yavaş bile olsa artık bilinçleniyorlar. Umutluyuz

Posted by Boran Karahan on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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