Senior Bears Caged For 20 Years Finally Take Their First Steps Of Freedom

The idea of animals being kept in cages does not sit well with us. Why should any wild animal be forced to remain locked away? This is not the sort of decision that any human should feel comfortable making. Depriving animals of their agency is not something that anyone should be doing. This is the story of a group of bears who were left in just such a predicament.

Pocahontas, Bruno, Fifi and Marsha were not given the chance to enjoy life, like other wild animals are allowed to. Instead, they were forced to reside inside of cement cages that were not built for bears to live in. The animals became very despondent as a result of their circumstances. We are sure that they started to lose hope at a certain point in time.

After all, animals have no way of knowing what the future holds. They are stuck in their normal existences and even the saddening becomes commonplace. The bears were living one of the most depressing existences possible: they were mere attractions at an American roadside zoo. They technically belonged to the Pennsylvania owners who were responsible for this awful treatment.

At long last, the bears were finally rescued from their makeshift prison. They would be given the chance to enjoy their existence for the first time. While the bears were getting along in years by the time they were freed, this did not stop them from enjoying themselves. PETA and the good folks at Wild Animal Sanctuary came together to assist the animals.

We are glad that they are doing the Lord’s work. It breaks our heart to see wild animals caged up. They do not deserve this sort of treatment. There are simply too many animals who are left to exist in zoos that are not designed to provide them with what they need. Would you like to find out more about what happened once these majestic animals were freed?

Of course you would. That’s why we have provided our readers with this awesome video. If you are unable to feel the same joy that we did once these bears got the chance to take their first steps, you may be dead inside. Please take a moment to pass this touching clip along to your closest friends and loved ones as well. They will not be able to watch without crying, so take a moment to issue a warning first!

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