Squirrel Trapped On Railroad Track Asks Random Human For Help

Nick Allen was out talking a walk, enjoying a day just like any other. He was not too far from the train tracks that are near his home at the time. He took notice of something that was a bit disconcerting, though. A squirrel had somehow managed to get themselves trapped on the tracks. Nick knew that he had to help the animal as soon as possible.

The poor creature was wedged in the space between the tracks. The squirrel was doing their best to free themselves from their predicament. Unfortunately, the animal was truly trapped. If Nick was not able to help, the squirrel was in dire straits. “I absolutely wanted to help the little guy over the rail,” he said. Nick was sure to approach the animal with caution, though.

He did not want to startle the poor little fellow. The squirrel seemed to realize that he had a friend in Nick. When he approached the animal, he was surprised by the reaction. The squirrel understood that they needed help and they were not going to push Nick away. This is a different reaction than we expected. Animals do not always do well when they are in distress.

Anyone who has ever tried to help their cat or dog when they are trapped can definitely relate. That’s what makes this story such a special one. Without any prompting whatsoever, the squirrel latched onto Nick’s leg. The moment was so pure. It was clear as day to see that the animal was asking him for some help. Nick had to oblige the poor critter.

Our heart just swelled to three times its normal size. Luckily, this incredible moment was captured on film. You will now have the chance to check it out for yourself. Once the squirrel climbed onto the man’s leg, he was taken aback. He could scarcely believe his eyes and you won’t be able to either. Nick thought that he was dreaming at the time.

However, this is one of the most adorable clips that we have had the privilege of watching. Once the squirrel was freed from the tracks, he went right back to his normal existence. Nick says that the animal wasted no time scampering off and was last seen running up a tree. If not for Nick’s quick thinking, things might have turned out quite differently for the squirrel! Please take a moment to share this touching rescue with your loved ones.

So today I was walking home from the creek on the rail road tracks and I see this baby squirrel that can't get over the little ledge so I was going to help him up and next thing I know he crawls on my leg and I walked him half a mile down the tracks with him just hanging on my leg, I got him in the woods and he hopped off and went right up a tree.

Posted by Nick Allen on Monday, September 19, 2016

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