Senior dog loyally stays with age 3 girl lost in woods for more than 15 hours

The loyalty that dogs have is a sight to behold, isn’t it? We love an animal hero story and this just might be one of the most touching tales that we have ever read. Max is an Australian dog and this blue heeler came through in the clutch in a major way. He is close friends with a little girl and when she got lost, he was not about to let her get into any more trouble.

Aurora decided to wander away from Grandma’s house but when she did, she was not alone for the journey. Max remained by her side for the entire ordeal, even when their stroll turned into an overnight stay. She first went missing during the afternoon and an initial search turned up no signs of the missing child. Eventually, it would start to rain.

She went missing on a Friday and did not return. The following morning, the family woke up and prepared to begin their search once more. When they finally found little Aurora, they discovered that she had been guarded by Max for the entire night. Leisa Bennett is the little girl’s grandmother and she heard the child’s cries from a nearby mountaintop.

As it turns out, Aurora was just a mile away from the house the whole time! Max was found first and then he led the family to the child. Who knows what would have happened if Max had not been there to accompany her? The reunion that took place once Aurora was found was a tearful one, of course. This family was not about to take the moment for granted.

Aurora was able to survive her night in the woods and when she was found, she only had a few minor cuts and scrapes. Her family attributes this to Max. The cold and rainy weather was probably not fun to sit through but at least she will have a funny story for her grandchildren someday. As for Max, we hope that he got lots of treats and petting.

This is the sort of happy ending that puts a smile on our faces. Max was given a very important distinction as a result of the help that he provided. He is now going to be known as an honorary police animal and this is an honor that is well deserved. Max may be an older dog but he still has plenty to offer to the world. He would do it all over again if he had to, ’cause that’s just what guard dogs do!

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