Cat Was Returned To Shelter By Family For Being ‘Too Cuddly’

We have heard a variety of reasons why animals are rejected. Jacque the cat recently experienced one of the most bizarre rejections that we have ever been privy to, though. All he wanted was a little love and affection and no one seemed to want to give it to him. He was just seven months old when he was abandoned. His owner moved and did not bring him along.

The home was foreclosed on by the bank and the man did not seem to think it was necessary to bring Jacque with him. He ended up in the care of Michigan Cat Rescue soon after. This is something that shelters have to deal with on a regular basis. No one was willing to give Jacque a home at this time. As a result of this lack of interest, he was placed on the euthanasia list.

Nancy Hutchinson is the founder and president of the rescue. All it took was one visit with Jacque to change his life forever. She sat down and cuddled him for a while. At this point, she knew that she needed to help her find a home. He is one of the nicest cats that she had ever met. He was advertised to potential families as a lap kitty.

After spending a year at his new home, he was brought back to the shelter because his affectionate nature annoyed his owner. The cat was always sitting on her lap and apparently, this was too much to deal with? Some people just don’t appreciate animals and the love that they have to offer. Poor Jacque was depressed by the rejection and fell ill.

Animals do not always handle these types of situations very well. His immune system broke down and the nursery team had to spend some time making sure that Jacque could be nurtured back to good health. This time, they were going to make sure that they gave him the right home. They were not going to allow Jacque to be taken in by another big meanie.

Liz and her husband came in to look at the cat and they fell in love with him right away. It was clear as day to see that they were genuine. He was given a new name by the happy couple and is now going to be known as Giuseppe. The new family is very happy together and we are proud to report that everything is going great! Our little friend has finally found his people.

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