Senior Dog With Separation Anxiety Finds Comfort In Arms Of Mannequin Posing As Owner

Humans and dogs both tend to have the same desires as they age. Who doesn’t want to spend their days cuddled up with the people who mean the most to them? Feeling safe and loved is everything to the elderly, whether they are humans or dogs. Shorty has spent 15 years with his human dad Marc and they are best buddies. The two have been on many adventures together.

They are family and they have a very special relationship. Shorty is at his happiest when he gets to spend time with Marc. He is clearly Shorty’s favorite person and it shows. Unfortunately, Shorty has gotten older now and Marc is unable to take him everywhere with him. Marc has learned a lot from Shorty along the way, though. He credits the dog with helping him to become more selfless.

There is something about taking care of a dog that changes us as people. Kristen is Marc’s wife. They work together to run a shelter in their area called Vintage Pet Rescue.

Farc is getting a little too comfortable here…

Posted by Vintage Pet Rescue on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This nonprofit organization is designed to provide an awesome home for the senior dogs out there in the world. These dogs often find themselves homeless at the tail end of their lives and have no place to go.

Marc knew that he would need to help his dog once he got a bit older. Since Shorty was used to being able to go everywhere with Marc, the pup had a bit of separation anxiety once he started to get left behind more often. Kristen says that it is very difficult to calm him down once Marc is gone. She’s tried everything that she can think of, but to no avail.

Kristen’s mother is the one who came up with the best idea to date. She brought the couple a life size mannequin to use. They dressed up the mannequin like Marc and even emulated his tattoos.

The mannequin was given one of his shirts to wear, so that the scent would entice Shorty. This is the type of idea that seemed too crazy to work out.

Fortunately, the plan went off without a hitch! The mannequin was dubbed “Farc”, as in Fake Marc. The two became buddies right off the bat. The success led Kristen to take pictures of the two and post them on social media. Of course, they went viral right away. Please share this story. You never know, you just might be helping someone else with a senior dog!

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