Loyal Cat Refuses To Leave The Side Of Dying Best Friend

While dogs are the ones who are typically known for their level of loyalty, cats are not far behind them in this regard. Trooper is the sort of cat that makes us wonder if we had the other cats all wrong. The Hackney family first came across the cat during a renovation. They were going to redo the basement of the home and move on quickly, but Trooper had other plans.

They started to hear mewing coming from the basement and knew that they had to help the girl out. Unfortunately, the poor little kitten had wedged herself inside of a wall. They would have to crack open the sheet rock in order to free him from his prison. The family took her in after rescuing her from the wall and they have all become the best of friends.

How could you leave a cat this adorable behind? To this day, they are totally oblivious as to how she ended up inside of that wall in the first place. They do not know how she got here, all they know is that they are happy she’s safe. The family developed a close bond with her but this bond was tested once their grandmother became sick. What this family did not know will amaze you…

As it turns out, the cat had already developed a much stronger bond with Grandma Sarah than she had with anyone else. The family eventually realized that Grandma Sarah was going to be moving on to a better place. They wanted to make sure that the final stage of her life was as comfortable as possible. Trooper seemed to instinctively realize that Grandma needed her love.

She spent as much time as possible on Grandma’s bed. Trooper would even bring her gifts from other areas of the home, so that she would be cheered up. Once Grandma passed on, Trooper was more heartbroken than any other member of the family. She did not know what to do without her beloved grandmother. She would not eat. She could not get through her days without crying.

The loyalty that this chat has showed is touching, isn’t it? While we cannot bring back Trooper’s grandma, we can certainly appreciate all of her efforts. If you would like to learn more about the very special bond that these two shared, be sure to check out the heartwarming video below.

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