Snoop The Dog Is Loving Life In His New Home After Being Abandoned In Viral Video

If you are anything like us, the footage that was released from a CCTV camera depicting a dog chasing after their owner after being abandoned was heartbreaking. The dog has since been renamed Snoop and the nation has rallied around him. These are the types of stories that make us wonder what goes through people’s heads. Why on earth would you ever treat a dog this way?

Everyone wanted to know who was responsible for this awful behavior. While the people who ditched him have yet to be found, there is some good news to report. It turns out that Snoop the dog has finally found a new home. He is no longer going to be roaming the mean streets. The dog will be living with his new family, in their Herefordshire home.

This new setup provides Snoop with plenty of opportunities to play outside with his new family. Laurence is his new owner and he says that Snoop got settled in quickly. It did not take long for him to adjust to his new surroundings. He’s become very attached to the sofa. Laurence says that he spends a good chunk of his spare time lounging away.

It is as if Snoop truly appreciates everything that comes with having his own home. Laurence spends his days working from home and this makes life even more fun for the two of them. Snoop gets to hang out and roam the fields, without having to worry about his long term security. We cannot imagine the sense of relief that this dog feels.

Snoop also gets to accompany his owner to the local pub. We would imagine that this does wonders for his separation anxiety. The two have a very strong bond and spend lots of time doting on each other. This story is a friendly reminder of the connections that can take place when we are willing to assist animals that are in need of homes.

The clip of Snoop being abandoned on the side of the road was a pretty tough watch. That’s why we are so glad to see that his life has taken a turn for the better. The incident that led to his abandonment remains under investigation, though. Please share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. If anyone has any information about the abandonment of Snoop, be sure to dial 0300 123 8018 as soon as possible.

Message from the RSPCA: While Snoop’s story had a happy ending, sadly not all abandonment cases do. Here is more information on how to spot separation anxiety in dogs.

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