Senior Shelter Dog Was So Sad He Won’t Even Wag His Tail

Monday was the deadline for this 10 year old boxer.  His time was up no one was interested in adopting him.

The volunteers and staff at the shelter tried everything to help find this guy a home.  Until Leslie Ysuhuaylas stepped in to help..

On Saturday less than 48 hours until the inevitable would happen Leslie went to the shelter to take pictures.

“I was walking past the kennel, and the dog was just laying there, not getting up, so I decided to back up so he wouldn’t see me, and I started snapping pictures of him,” Ysuhuaylas told The Dodo.

Most dogs wag their tales but not his guy he just wanted to get away from this place.

She posted the pictures and they quickly went viral, a lot of people were interested but none came through.

Finally, Legacy Boxer Rescue made arrangements for James and Robin Zalinski to pick up the dog and foster him.  He also got a name…Wendall.


Wendall has finally been able to relax since leaving the shelter.  He has also found some energy.  Wendall know basic commands and is house trained.

Wendell has completely relaxed since leaving the shelter on Monday, James Zalinski told The Dodo.

“We’ve only had him for 24 hours at this point, but this fellow is so loving,” Zalinski said. “He is not a jumper. This little guy can go with kids, as well as adults, so from our perspective, it gives us a wide option. We’re looking for a family that understands that a mature boxer is into love, but they’re not going to be runners.”

The Zalinski’s are enjoying every minute they have with Wendall.  “He’s an elegant gentleman, and he’s so loving,” James said.

Are you interested in adopting Wendall? You can contact Legacy Boxer Rescue .

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