Shackled Woman Who Made National News Finally Shares The Truth About What Happened That Night

We reported in late August, a story about a group of neighbors in the Sunrise Ranch area of Texas was shocked when they saw footage from their security cameras of a woman with broken shackles frantically pounding on their front door in the early hours.

The mysterious woman was dressed only in a white t-shirt had approached several homes that night but she had disappeared before any of them could help her.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is investigating the suspicious incident that occurred in Montgomery, Texas. Please share this post so it can be monitored by law enforcement. If you have any information regarding this or if you know the woman or if yoy are the woman in the pictures please contact us.Lieutenant Scott SpencerMontgomery County Sheriff's Office

Posted by Montgomery County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, August 26, 2018

“The look on her face, but she was being very very quiet… she just looked distressed,” a neighbor who saw the CCTV video told ABC News.

I was finally revealed that her boyfriend Dennis Collins, 49, was found dead. He was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head as well as a suicide note.

“The male did leave a suicide note to help identify the female and some of the circumstances about why this occurred,” Montgomery Co. Deputy Scott Spencer said.

Now the woman is finally speaking out about what happened that night.

“I truly felt like when that was happening, like, I was going to die there that night.”

“After being asleep I awoke to what seemed like a nightmare,” she said, adding that Collins was “kneeling” above her and “stuffing some sort of cloths in my mouth, duct-taping my entire head.”

“I truly felt like when that was happening, like, I was going to die there that night.”

“I just kept repeating in my head, ‘God has more for me than this, I’m not going to die here tonight,'” she continued.

Her boyfriend’s suicide note was shared and he confessed he still loved her. She is feeling guilty and like she is responsible for his death.

“I never would’ve killed you as you thought,” the note read. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I wish I could turn back time. Love Dennis. Yes, love. I’m sorry.”

She went on to explain how she finally escaped the house and found her way outside into the neighborhood to look for help.

“My throat hurt really bad from screaming so he let me go into the kitchen to get a drink, and I while I was getting a drink, he turned around to go out and walked to the bedroom, and that’s when I ran out the front door.”

She tried to flagging down a passing car, but it drove by. She felt “panic, just terror” during those moments.

“I just wanted someone to lay eyes on me,” she said. “I felt like if someone saw me, then I would be safe.”

She has reunited with her family in Dallas now.

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