Cat Sees His Owner Who Died Years Ago And Can’t Hold It in When He Sees The Video

There are many who wonder about the pain that animals feel. Are they able to notice our absences? Do they really care if anything happens to us? This is especially true of cats. They tend to come across as being unfeeling and uncaring creatures. That’s what makes this story so incredible. This cat’s reaction to seeing their old owner will melt your heart.

This clip goes a long way towards eliminating certain misconceptions about how cats behave. The cat is given the chance to watch a video of their former owner and the expression on their face says it all. It is definitely true what they say: cats are people, too. They have the same thoughts and feelings as the rest of us. These animals deserve to be treated more as equals.

After all, the emotional toll that we go through when we lose someone close to us is never lost on a cat. When this cat was forced to say goodbye to their beloved owner, they probably thought that they would never see them again. We’ve all experienced that sad moment when the reality of a tragic loss finally sets in.

That’s what makes this video so easy to relate to. Anyone can watch this cat’s reaction to the clip that they are being shown and remember a time that they lost someone close to them. If you can watch this entire clip without shedding a tear (or coming really close), you are certainly a much stronger person than we are….believe us.

We are not sure if we have ever seen anything quite so adorable in all of our lives. The amount of focus that the cat has when they are looking at the screen and the level of emotion that is on display is tough to look away from. When the cat actually cuddles up on top of the screen while they are watching the video….you will be hard pressed to keep your composure.

Be sure to share this video with your closest friends and loved ones. Those who have cats of their own are sure to appreciate this clip. We do urge you to keep some Kleenex close by when you finally decide to check out this clip, though. You are most certainly going to need them…..whether you think that you do or not! Just trust us on this one, for your own sake.

He sees his owner's video in the smart phone. he died sometime ago…Lovely….

Posted by Engin Yilmaz on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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