Shelter Dog Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Food Bowl

Oliver is a stray dog who was found in Memphis. He was discovered in a family’s backyard and was not willing to leave. Animal control officers did their best to reign him in. However, Oliver believed that their attempts at catching him were merely part of a game that was being played. He would jump the fence and run away from them every time.

After awhile, they were finally able to catch him with a very humane trap. Memphis Animal Services became his new home. It was clear to see that Oliver had a home before he had arrived there. He’s an intelligent dog who enjoyed treats and was very used to receiving them on a regular basis. He was also bright enough to know that all he had to do was behave to receive plenty of them.

Memphis Animal Services’ community engagement specialist Katie Pemberton was one of the first to meet with him. “He sat for me immediately before I even showed him I had treats,” says Katie. As soon as he realized that there were treats to be had, he became even more well behaved. Oliver would soon develop quite the attachment to his food bowl, as well.

In fact, our pal would refuse to go anywhere without it. It was like Linus and his blanket. This trick worked wonders, though. Katie spoke about the first night that Oliver spent as this location and how his trick worked on the field supervisor. ““His cute trick was very effective because she gave him more food!”, in the words of Katie.

It is entirely possible that a past owner taught Oliver this trick as a means of getting fed more often. We would be willing to believe that he thought it up all on his own, too. Perhaps he came to the realization that he may never be fed again if he did not carry his own bowl. The shelter staffers found it to be quite the adorable habit nonetheless.

Finally, his forever family came for him and saved him from a life in the shelter. He was a little bit worried at first but it did not take long before he realized that his most prized possession would be coming along for the ride.

h/t: TheDodo

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