Couple Adopts Newborn, But Dad Looks Closer At Birth Mom And Realizes He’s Seen Her Before

It’s always a big decision to have children, so when couples make the decision to go ahead, it’s a huge deal. For some couples the process is rather simple and easy, unfortunately for others, the process can get bogged down a bit with certain struggles.

Walt and Annie are a couple that grew up together. They started off as neighbors, but there was enough of an age gap that they didn’t really come together till much later. Walt didn’t really know much about Annie, but on the other hand, Annie secretly hoped one day she’d find someone like Walt.

When it came to for Annie to go to college, Walt ended up being the one to help her move, get settled, and even find a new church. Since they were once again living in the same town as each other, they made the effort to hangout and get to know one another. This is when Annie realized that she would in fact, end up with Walt.

What sealed the deal for the two of them was baby names. Annie had mentioned once that she’d already picked out a name for her future daughter, and Walt apparently had as well. Annie found it a little strange as she didn’t know any guys who thought of baby names before they were married. Walt went on to explain to her that since he was 12, he felt that God had wanted him to someday have a daughter named Chloe. Amazingly, Chloe was the name that Annie had selected as well.

They felt that it was meant to be. After getting married, the couple enjoyed traveling together and spending time just the two of them in the years before they had a family. When the time came that they decided they were ready to try and have kids, both assumed that it would be an easy road. Unfortunately they faced a struggle for many years without a single positive pregnancy test, despite all the people praying for them.

Eventually, Annie suggested that they try going the route of adoption, but Walt was against it. He eventually settled on the idea, although it wasn’t his favorite choice. Annie took over, filling out all the paperwork, and one day, she received the email she’d been hoping for: a birth mother had chosen them as parents for her baby girl. Since this baby was going to be an adopted baby, the couple decided that they wouldn’t name her Chloe. The couple went to meet the birth mother, but were still nervous about everything.

According to Walt, when he was 12-years-old, it wasn’t just a feeling that he had, he claims that he had a vision of his little girl, kind of like a dream. In this vision, he was standing in the front yard of his parent’s home, holding a little girl’s hand and swing her around in circles. The birth mother it turns out, looked exactly like a grown up version of the little girl that Walt saw in his dream. He instantly took this as a sign that this baby was meant to be his baby.

Talk about insane coincidences. You can watch the full video of the story below:

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