Shelter Dog Has Been Waiting For Someone To Adopt Him For 3 Years

Cola the pit bull arrived at his current shelter three years ago. He has been residing at the Yonkers Animal Shelter ever since and has become very used to the life he leads. He is a quiet dog who does not make trouble for anyone at the shelter. Cola knows what is expected of him and he adheres to these rules. So why is such a well behaved dog struggling to find a home?

He is a sweet dog who is very easy to get along. Since he was already neutered when he arrived at the shelter, the workers assumed that he must have had a family already. However, he has been here since 2015 and no one is coming forward to claim him. He is polite, he does not cause trouble and the only he loves more than his favorite people is going outside to play ball.

He is able to carry around two tennis balls without dropping them. Cola will play outside for hours at a time and carries the tennis balls in his mouth as a means of making himself feel safe. In the meantime, he is simply hoping that a family will take him in. The shelter is working hard to assist him on this mission. They hope that his wait comes to an end soon.

The staffers have created a Facebook page to raise awareness about Cola’s plight. They have received their fair share of inquiries over the years but have yet to locate the perfect fit. He would do best in a residence where he is the sole pet. Families with older children that enjoy playing outdoors are going to be the best fit for Cola.

He requires a family that understands his need for play. Any family would be lucky to have such a friendly and kind dog. All he needs is someone that is ready and willing to accept him into their home. If anyone deserves a forever home that they can finally call their own, it is this guy. Let’s do what we can to raise awareness about Cola’s plight, shall we?

Please share this story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. In due time, Cola should be able to find the perfect forever home. Seeing a dog who is this playful and easy to live with go without a home for this long breaks our hearts into a million pieces. We would like to take this time to wish Cola the very best of luck on his search.

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