Dog Was Stolen, Then Attacked By Strays. Walks Himself To Hospital For Help

The animals that we share the planet with do not always receive the recognition that they deserve. We often tend to look at animals as mere pets that would not survive without our assistance. Dogs are usually known as being a best friend to humans but they go through their own trials and tribulations along the way. This forces them to find a sense of resilience that they did not know they possessed.

This Turkish dog serves a prime example of this resilience. Silla belonged to a man named Serdar. Unfortunately, Silla was taken away from Serdar one day while the man was at work. Silla was only nine months old at that time. It is believed that the thieves were looking to immediately sell the young dog for a profit. What a horrific turn of events.

Serdar was beyond devastated. He even offered a reward of $300 to anyone who could provide him with the information that he needed to get his precious dog back. The offer did not generate the intended result but Serdar believes that it served as an impediment to the sale of Silla. The dog was dumped off by the thieves when they were unable to make the transactions.

Sadly, the dog was attacked by a group of strays at this time. After having been kidnapped, abandoned and left for dead, Silla was clearly in very rough shape. The dog needed to get home and he somehow managed to stagger his way to a local hospital. This is where the story takes a turn and starts to become one of the most amazing tales that we have ever heard.

The workers quickly mended the pup’s wounded leg. From there, they put out the word that a stray had arrived at their facilities. It took no time at all for the news to reach Serdar. He got down to the hospital as quickly as he could so that he could bring Serdar back home. The thieves have yet to be apprehended but at least this man and his dog have been reunited.

Serdar was sure to thank all of the hospital personnel who attended to the dog’s wound. If not for Silla’s quick thinking, who knows what may have happened to the poor pup? We sure do hope that nothing like this ever happens again. Please take a moment to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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