Shelter Puppy Was Almost Put Down For Being ‘Overexcited’

After Jessica and her husband went through the process of rescuing two dogs at Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, they were more than happy to embark on the drive home. However, Jessica received an e-mail during this trip that made her turn the car around immediately. The e-mail was about a very special dog by the name of Matilda.

Matilda was just 10 months old at the time and Jessica had seen her when she was looking at all of the other dogs. Jessica did not take her home the first time because she was a young and energetic pup. In her mind, Matilda would get scooped up in no time at all. The e-mail said otherwise, though. Matilda only had 48 hours to live because she had already been time stamped.

The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia believed that her rambunctious behavior was a poor fit for their environment. They cited her high level of stimulation as a reason why she would need to be put down. In essence, they were ready to put her down because she was too happy. She is a leash biter at heart but it is believed that she can be corralled with treats.

To Jessica, this e-mail was stunning. Leash biting and over excitement are behaviors that are normal for a dog that is Matilda’s age. All she would need is a bit of training and socialization but these people were simply unwilling to provide. This was too much for Jessica to deal with. She knew that she would have to intervene so that this dog could enjoy the life she deserves.

In fairness, the The Animal Care & Control Team facilities were becoming crowded and they did not have enough time to keep Matilda around. The summer season is the worst time of year for shelters like these. The volume of animals that they receive is too high and they are forced to make decisions that they would not make in most instances.

Jessica and her husband turned the car around and of course, they ended up bringing Matilda home with them. Matilda seemed to instinctively know that she was being saved. When she got in the car, her demeanor shifted. She is now living in her foster home with Jessica and she gets to play to her heart’s content. In the meantime, this family is still looking for someone who is willing to adopt her permanently. Contact Philly Bully Team to find out more.

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