Thieves Smuggle Live Shark Out Of Aquarium In A Baby Stroller

This is the sort of crime that makes people wonder if the person is actually serious. A crime like this one seems like something out of a silly movie. When word spread about the theft that took place at San Antonio Aquarium, people naturally assumed that it had to be a joke of some kind. These men decided that they were going to steal a shark and they did not care how ridiculous this endeavor may have seemed.

Their plan was actually somewhat clever, considering the circumstances. They elected to swipe a shark straight from the tank and swaddle it in a blanket like a baby. The toddler whose stroller they decided to use was also along for the journey. Once the shark was wrapped up inside of the wet blanket, the animal was tossed into the stroller and the thieves had a bucket of water ready for the occasion.

The shark, who is called Miss Helen by those who know her the best, could not have been pleased about these developments. The bucket that the thieves used was not even their own. It was filled with bleach cleaning solution and they dumped the chemicals into the aquarium’s cold water exhibit filtration system. Employees caught up to the thieves when they attempted to leave.

Unfortunately, they would not allow the employees to search the car. The police were contacted at this time and the shark was eventually located at a nearby home. The bleach that had been carelessly tossed into the water was also neutralized before any of the other creatures at the aquarium were forced to experience adverse effects.

The thief had their own aquarium set up at home and it was clear to see that he planned on keeping the shark as a pet of his own. While the police believed that the story was a hoax at first, it did not take long for the truth to sink in. According to staff members, the man had posed as an employee for a company called Instant Ocean so that he could properly plan his crime.

Miss Helen was returned to her rightful home and she is happy to be back. This is not an ordeal that any living creature should be made to suffer through. She will remain in quarantine until the aquarium staff determines that she is ready to be placed in her former habitat.

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